Custom Made Wicker


wicker-chairs2These custom chairs and table that we designed and made ourselves. The table top was made out of slate.

The upholstery was also made by us, specifically by our sister company, Micana Fine Textiles.

1950s Fiat Jolly Seats

The Jolly was made in the 1950s and looked like a golf cart. We first repaired the frame of the chairs then we rewove the wicker on them, eventually staining them to match the desired color the client requested.

Fiat Jolly Seats FrameFiat Jolly Seats weave  Fiat Jolly Seats Repaired

1930s Lloyd Loom Sofa

This sofa was brought to us in a disastrous condition. With our touch this sofa was restored to a marvelous condition.

1920s Lloyd Flanders Sofa Damaged 1920s Lloyd Flanders Sofa Repaired

Antique Rocker circa 1890

Completely redone. Many wicker chairs were very ornate, as you can see by the design.

1890s Antique Butterfly Wicker

Wicker Works chairs

These Wicker Works chairs were shipped in from San Francisco for a make over. We rewove the seats and the backs of each chair.

2013-02-18 11.05.51

Re-strapping wicker

We include re-strapping of wicker furniture in our services.

Victorian Wicker

Victorian wicker at its best restored in our shop.

2013-02-06 10.40.50

1870-1880 Victorian Wicker Chair

Restoration in progress on a highly sought after Victorian wicker arm chair.