Early 1900s hanging swing

This is a hanging swing from the early 1900s that we restored, fashioning by hand all the pieces that were broken or rotting throughout the piece. We then sealed the fiber and painted it with a special paint.

1950s Scandanavian Chairs

These chairs are from the 1950s Scandanavia. We restored the metal and wove the entire chair to bring it back to its natural design.

Art-Deco Pepper Rush Chairs

These are Art-Deco chairs with hand-woven rush seats that we replaced. The left chair shows the beginning of the rushing and the chair on the right shows our finished product.

19th century European Plant Stand

We had no idea when the package arrived what we would be restoring. As we began to figure it out we cleaned the pieces and fitted the puzzle together, refinishing the wood, and were thrilled with this 19th century hand-carved marble-topped plant stand from Europe.