1880’s Footstool

1800s footstool completely restoring frame and reupholstering the footstool with hand-woven, hand-dyed chenille from Micana Fine Textiles. Done in velvet, this color was very popular during these years.

2012-12-10 14.02.09

Ladder-back Chair

First we take it apart and clean all the joints. We create new dowels if necessary, and then the process of re-gluing and restoration begins.

Rattan Swivel Chair

This old bentwood swivel dining chair was completely restored including a new swivel.

Oak Pedestal Table

This is an old oak pedestal table. A customer wished to have a leaf made for an extension and have a re-stained in a darker finish.

19th century European Plant Stand

We had no idea when the package arrived what we would be restoring. As we began to figure it out we cleaned the pieces and fitted the puzzle together, refinishing the wood, and were thrilled with this 19th century hand-carved marble-topped plant stand from Europe.