Media Exposure

The Wicker Workshop has been featured in the LA Times, Herald Examiner, Studio City Scene, LA Style, Designer West including cover shots on The Collector, Country Living (2001) and Architectural Digest (2002).

Our acting abilities may not yield box office accolades, but our wicker creations do. Film studios such as Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, Universal and Disney as well as the TV studios of ABC, NBC and CBS, have been associated with our wicker based creations for years. Our workshop may be a bit dusty, but that didn’t deter HGTV from filming a live segment there.

In the past we’ve conducted seminars in association with the Antique Collectors Association, LA Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American Crafts and Folk Art at Pierce College and live radio interviews on the show “Let’s Talk Antiques”.

If you would like to have something special for your media publication, please give us a call and we’ll be glad to accommodate your request.