Danish Lace Designer Chairs

These are Hans  Wegner Wishbone chairs cicar 1950. These designer chairs were rewoven by A Wicker Workshop. The chair on the left shows the unraveling of the danish lace beginning coming apart. The chair on the right has been rewoven and repaired.

2013-01-11 12.27.45

1950s Dining Set

A wonderful restored 1950s rattan table with a walnut-veneered top and chairs.

2013-01-08 15.18.33

Collectible doll buggy

This is part of our restoration process as we restore old, collectible doll buggies.

1880’s Footstool

1800s footstool completely restoring frame and reupholstering the footstool with hand-woven, hand-dyed chenille from Micana Fine Textiles. Done in velvet, this color was very popular during these years.

2012-12-10 14.02.09

1900’s bassinet

Early 1900’s bassinet completely rebuilt and repainted. Part of our restoration process are to use as much “green” material including the materials used to create the mattress pad.
2012-11-30 17.19.26

Six-pole rattan set

Collectible six-pole rattan set. From 1950. Repaired, restored and refinished by A Wicker Workshop.

2012-11-13 12.07.16

Lloyds Flanders set

Lloyds Flanders settee and chair. Restored and repainted in our workshop.

1950s Three-pole rattan set

1950s Three-pole rattan set. Restored to its original look by A Wicker Workshop.

Wrought iron

1950s wrought iron furniture in the process of restoration by Wicker Workshop.

Oversized bamboo set

These wonderful oversized pieces of bamboo from the Philippines belong to a set of 6. We cleaned, restored, and game them all coat of special varnish.